Accelerate with us to the future

Coming to a street near you


Bringing together a unique blend of motorsport and family-friendly entertainment, City Challenge is offering a whole new experience in urban street racing.
Races for high-performance vehicles have always been a catalyst for innovation in the motor industry and a captivating display of speed and suspense. Our series of racing events will share new ideas in transport technology with an even wider audience. As well as giving the industry a platform for showcasing their latest green vehicles, City Challenge is bringing world-class performers, musicians and artists together to celebrate a more sustainable future for our cities.

A festival, and a future, for everyone

The future of our environment and our energy sources are of concern to everyone and that’s why City Challenge is for people from all walks of life. Each festival turns the whole city into a stage, creating entertainment, competitions and activities for all ages. We’re giving local businesses and communities a platform to promote their own green ideas and learn from best-practice in sustainability across the globe.