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Expertise and key partnerships: the City Challenge business model

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To deliver a successful city-wide event, you need a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in planning and logistics, media and communication, technology and innovation and event and relationship management. City Challenge works with global and local partners to harness the elements needed for quality and consistency with every event. Our CEO Hartmut Beyer has a track record in motorsports, business and technology that puts him at the centre of the City Challenge network.

The City Challenge strategy goes beyond planning and staging each race. We’re producing and licensing media from our events to take premium entertainment to a wider audience. We’re hosting exclusive and dynamic venues for corporate entertainment and networking and we’re working with engineers, teams and specialists to establish new safety standards for green motorsport.

Sharing the rewards: creating opportunities with City Challenge

Bringing the benefits of a global event to each community, Green City Challenge works with local businesses, tourism, and governments to boost their economy and reduce their environmental footprint. And with a wide range of sponsorship arrangements available, companies can reach new audiences and show the world a greener side to their business.


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