Our Streamlines

Entertainment and access for all Generations

All Generations are welcome to our Show. Everyone will find a great variety of entertainment according to their preferences. We transform the entire city into a stage for the City Challenge racing and entertainment experience, thanks to local businesses, communities, world class musicians, artists and performers. You can amuse yourself for 24hrs with highlights of the event, from aerial displays during the day to fascinating lights- and firework shows in the evening.
Motorsport in the heart of the city!
City Challenge races brings you a great experience in the motorsport world! With its spectacular race tracks, dangerous curves and chicanes your heart starts beating and you are caught in the middle of the race! Dear visitors: Excitement, fun and action are guaranteed! Pit lane tours, autograph sessions with drivers and VIP taxi rides are just a glimpse of how close you can get to the real thing – amaze yourself in our race!
Arts & Entertainment Celebrating Performance
City Challenge brings thrill and excitement: Street theatre and avant-garde performance artists create magical moments throughout the event. There will be parades, mime artists and stilt walkers mingling with the crowds to spread the party mood. Acrobats, dancers and circus performers display their talents at our open air stages. With breath-taking feats and eye-catching costumes on every corner, the City Challenge carnival is a spectacle not to be missed.
Families and Kids
Together with our fairytale friends your kids can have a lot of fun diving into a world of magic  and fantasy and become part of an exciting adventure. Kids will have the opportunity to learn different crafts in a stimulating and fun environment that encourages mental development. A laser show with  colourful and extraordinary creatures will be the grand finale for the kids fantasy world! 3D car games and short video clips about car equipment can catch teenagers eye and awaken their curiousity to the green technologies of the future
VIP Hospitality
Celebrities are an essential part of our show. Together with others VIPs  they enjoy the variety of the Event and taste the finest cuisine of famous cooks. All celebrities have a great opportunity to contact with racing car drivers and visit a pit lane territory.
Magic light installations & breathtaking fireworks
Breathtaking fireworks will light up the night skies of each host city, leaving spectators with unforgettable memories. Visit our Show and assure yourself of its brilliance!