Getting electric cars to the top of the grid

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With expertise and passion borne from his years as a driver and track designer, Hartmut Beyer created City Challenge to bring the excitement of urban motorsport to a bigger audience. Since he began working with fuel cells and battery powered cars and bikes in the 1980s, he’s been looking for a way to showcase new, clean technologies in motorsports. Following the success of the City Challenge series from 2007 – 2009 and the growing sales of electric and hybrid cars, Hartmut Beyer is ready to take motorsports into the future with the City Challenge experience.

Hartmut Beyer, CEO City Challenge GmbH

Hartmut Beyer

A pioneer for green motorsport

Having worked as technical and strategic consultant in the motor industry, Hartmut Beyer (CEO, City Challenge GmbH) has used his experience and knowledge to generate the business plan and event concept for international City Challenges. His extensive network of technology experts, sponsors, car manufacturers and journalists give Hartmut Beyer access to an outstanding team of potential partners to bring City Challenges to life across the globe.